Friday, May 29, 2015

TabbyChat 2 Beta2 Update

Update: beta 2a has been released

I'm releasing beta 2 of tabbychat 2 for Minecraft 1.8. It's been a while since the last release, so there are a lot of changes and additions, so I won't list them all. I will list some major features and bugs that I added or fixed.

+ Chat Continuation (up to 300 chars)
+ Ability to "forget" channels.
+ Channel prefix + hiding
+ Added experimental spam prejudice  (Thanks, Zemoj)
+ Chat logging
+ Scrollbar
+ PgUp PgDn now works on chat
* The tray now expands for the tabs
* Chatbox movement is now more fluid
* Fix issues with scaling
* Fix crash without Forge
* Moved some packages around
* Other fixes

Additionally, many changes were made to the util library, so an update to that will be required. Its version is 0.2


TabbyChat - Main | Dev

MnmUtils - Main | Dev

Note: With the recent merge of FML and Forge, I've dropped support for FML standalone. Please install full Forge. Don't worry, it will still work with just LiteLoader.


  1. Awesome, waiting a long time for a stable update. Just waiting for the ignored channels and default channels.
    Thanks a lot for the mod and for the hard work!

  2. Anti Spam is not working as it should:
    Should only show 1 message with the (x7)

  3. click on a link in the chatwindow is not going

  4. Hey there! :3

    This Mod is amazing. I really like the things i have discovered now.
    But I have a little Problem with the MnmUtils. Tabbychat signals me 'Missing Dependencies' and MnmUtils isn't listed in the Modlist of Liteloader. What could be the Problem?
    I got the 'Missing Dependencies'-Error with the previous version aswell but at least MnmUtils was listes there. o:

    Any suggestions?

    1. This happens to some people for an unknown reason. MnmUtils however no longer has an entry in the mods list.

      A temporary fix is to remove the dependencies line of the litemod.json in the tabbychat jar.

    2. I had a similar error. But I fixed it somehow. If you downloaded the main version of TabbyChat, then you probably have to download the main versio of MnmUtilis. But if you chose the dev version, then you need dev MnmUtilis. This is my assumption, when I lined up the versions the mod worked correctly, but MnmUtilis is still not listed with liteloader. I assume that to be an intended feature, as MnmUtilis does not add anything to the game.

  5. I like the mod, but is there any way to configure it? Maybe I'm missing something but I can't figure out how to change settings like you could in the old version.

    1. Right click on the tabs to open settings. Right clicking on [*} will open the general settings. Other tabs will open their channel settings.

  6. This is one of the most useful and practical mods I've come across in a long time. I only have a few suggestions, and I look forward t beta 2a.

    1. The ability to remember forgotten channels in the event of a screwup,
    2. The 'Unread Flashing' checkbox does not seem to be working correctly. The ability to opt out of notifications from certain channels.
    3. Either filters aren't working correctly, or I'm too stupid to know how to use them in this version of TabbyChat. Building on that, the character limit for expressions, ignored channels, and default channels (I understand those two aren't implimented yet) should be much higher.

    Thank you for reading this, if you did. And if you didn't, you should.

  7. This is a huge improvement from the last beta version. I'm loving it. Only the 'enable channels' option still doesn't work. I have disabled it but it keeps creating channels nevertheless.

  8. why some time can't send any message and command?

  9. Is it possible to extend the chatbox a litte bit (horizontally) when a timestamp is used? Because I play on a factions server, and /f map is no longer readable due to the timestamp filling up part of the lines....

    1. It is if u change the configuration file, it cant be done in-game.

    2. I know that, but that covers part of the lower gui (health, hunger, items in hand). And putting the chat on another location then bottom left is no option because on other places messages popping up are annoying.

      That being said: When I made my window smaller and then fullscreen again the chat is on the wrong location, how can I make it stick to the bottom left no matter what, does anyone know?

    3. Forgot to add: In the old versions of tabby chat the lines of the f map werent broken even when I was using time stamps!