Tabbychat, originally by Rocketman10404, and now maintained by myself, is a chat overhaul mod for Minecraft.  It supports either FML (Forge) or LiteLoader, so use whichever one you prefer. It can be discussed on the Minecraft Forums.

Features (not exhaustive)

  • Fancy chatbox
  • Movable and resizable
  • Tabs and channels
  • Filters to change and redirect messages
  • Auto-search for PMs and Channels
  • Filters powered by RegEx
  • Chat logging
  • Suppress spammed messages
  • Message timestamps
  • Spellcheck


  1. Download and install either FML, LiteLoader, or both. They work fine together.
  2. Download TabbyChat (link below). If you use the liteloader version, ensure the extension is litemod.
  3. Copy the file to your mods folder.



FML | LiteLoader Dev Source


FML | LiteLoader | Dev | Source

Licence and Modpacks

Tabbychat uses the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 (CC-NC-SA) license, the contents of which are available at

For modpacks, this means you can redistribute it (sec. 3c). The only exception is if you plan on selling it (sec. 4c)

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