Protocol 4

Version 1.0.2

Simply put, Protocol 4 is a Minecraft client mod that allows 1.7.10 clients to connect to an outdated 1.7.2 - 5 server. This is made possible by modifying packet data before it's read and after it's written to make it comply with the currently selected version.


Usage is simple enough. When in the multiplayer menu, there will be a new button in the bottom right corner with the current version in it. To switch between supported versions (currently 1.7.10 and 1.7.5), click the button. Now you will be able to join servers of that version. For example, use 1.7.5 mode for 1.7.2-5 servers and 1.7.10 mode for 1.7.6-10 servers.


  1. Download and install LiteLoader for the correct version.
  2. Download the mod and ensure that the file extension is .litemod. Some web browsers like to be helpful and change it to .zip. If it is not, change it back or use a different browser.
  3. Copy the litemod file to `.minecraft/mods`. Google it if you don't know where your Minecraft directory is.
  4. All done. Launch Minecraft.

Download and Links

Download is on my Dropbox
Source is on my Github. Bug reports should be reported there via the issue tracker.
There is a MinecraftForums thread.

Licence and Modpacks

This mod uses the Apache Licence version 2.0, so you are allowed to use this in a modpack, unmodified or otherwise (4. Redistribution).


  • I made this mod because I was tired of waiting for a server I play on to update.
  • I named it Protocol 4 because I was modifying the protocol from version 5 to version 4.

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